Month: May 2014

Creating Maps in Cocoa using NSBezierPath

 Creating Maps in a Cocoa App using NSBezierPath In this tutorial we will create the USA Map using NSBezierPath. The final output of the tutorial is as follows Please note that the map coordinates used in this tutorial is not

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Bootstrap Guide

Bootstrap Guide When Responsive Web Designing was turning into a nightmare, came a beam of light with a bold title called as Bootstrap Prerequisites Step 1: Get the Bootstrap library from Step 2: Include the Bootstrap CSS, JS in

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NSBezierPath Curves and Graphs

NSBezierPath Curves and Graphs In this sample code we will create the below output using NSBezierPath. Here we primarily using moveToPoint , lineToPoint & curveToPoint methods of NSBezierPath // // GraphView.h // KSSineCurve // // Created by Debasis Das on 5/13/14.

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MVC Design Pattern in Cocoa

MVC Design Pattern in Cocoa High level pattern that classifies objects based on the roles they play in an application Its a compound design pattern and comprises of several elemental design pattern e.g of mvc pattern in Cocoa can be

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