Month: June 2014

Swift Collection Types

Swift – Collection Types. Working with Swift Collection Types is much elegant and simpler as compared to Objective C. Following Code snippets works with Swift- Array Collection Type Creating and Working with Array in Swift func testArrayCollectionInSwift() { //String Array

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Swift NSTableView sample code

Swift – NSTableView Sample Code Updated on 22-May-2017 Please read for checking the different approaches of loading a NSTableView in Swift 3.1 Using Xcode 6.0 Create a new cocoa project and select the language as Swift Modify the MainMenu.xib by

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Swift Programming – An Introduction

Programming in Swift Language Swift 2.0 Swift is a powerful programming language for iOS, OSX and Watch OS with a consise yet expressive syntax. One great thing about Swift is that it can co-exist with Objective C so untill and

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Swift Programming – Simple Currency Converter

Programming in Swift What is Swift? New programming language for Mac OSX App and iOS Apps Is nicely integrated with Cocoa and Cocoa Touch Uses ARC for memory management Has the power of Objective-C’s dynamic object model Extensively uses constants

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