Year: 2017

eCharts (v3) Gauge chart

eCharts (v3) has captured my attention and am impressed. Lets create a gauge chart and also understand the code. Note: CDN for english version of echarts version 3 can be found here : HTML: <!doctype html> <html> <head> <title>Charts Gauge

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eCharts (v3) Simple Bar Chart

I have been playing around with javascript based charting libraries. I like HighCharts. Its pretty good for the charts you will need with very good customization features. It, however is not free (for commercial uses). D3 library is good for

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Switch to Yarn (from npm)

I switched to yarn from npm cause it does everything that npm does (almost everything and more) , only faster. And by faster I mean, really really fast, like ultrafast. What is yarn, anyways? Its a package manager for your

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Scaffolding Vue Projects – Webpack Template

In this post we will initialize a project using the webpack template (provided out of the box by This post assumes that you already have the vue-cli installed. [ See the previous post if not – >] Now

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Scaffolding Vue Projects – Simple Template

In this post we will setup a vue-cli for scaffolding due projects. First things first , install vue-cli At the time of writing this , to install vue-cli you need : Node installed (works with version >4.x) npm version 2+

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Basic Vue JS Dev Setup

I have been lately exploring Vue JS and am fascinated with its simplicity. In this post am describing how to get started in setting up a simple dev environment. I would recommend atom editor with its live server. Frankly any

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Basic React Dev setup using npm or yarn and webpack

Setting Up ReactJS Environment Heres a basic react js dev setup (Level : Beginner)  Create a directory and go to the root of the directory mkdir my-react-dir cd my-react-dir Install npm brew install npm  // installs node or  you can download

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Swift CAReplicatorLayer Sample Code

Created By: Debasis Das (29-May-2017) In this post we will see how CAReplicatorLayer works and create a couple of sample code to play around with CAReplicatorLayer CAReplicatorLayer is essentially a layer that creates a specified number of copies of its

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Swift Mac OS Animation using Animator Proxy – Part 2

In continuation to the Swift Mac OS Animation Part 1 we will work with Animator Proxy to achieve animation in Mac OS Applications. Animator Proxy Some simple Mac OSX Animation can be achieved through the usage of Animator Proxy. Animator

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Swift Mac OS Animation using Core Animation- Part 1

Created By: Debasis Das (27-May-2017) Swift Mac OS Animation Animation in Mac OSX has a long history and there are more than one option for achieving an animated behavior in a Mac Application. We can achieve animation in a Mac

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