Whats new in Apple Mavericks OSX (10.9)

Whats new in Apple Mavericks OS 10.9

New Features

App Nap

Suspends the application execution when it meets certain criteria to reduce power consumption.

The Application sleeps when one of the following condition is met

  • It is not visible (All windows are hidden or minimized)
  • Not Audible
  • Not explicitly disabled for automatic termination

The application awakes when the user brings the application to the foreground.


Using the tagging feature

  • Tag files and folders
  • Provides additional grouping independent of hierarchical folder structure
  • Search based on tags
  • Query, Add or Remove tags

Framework Level Changes

New Frameworks

AvKit.framework For Incorporating media playback capabilities and to provide subtitle support and closed captioning

SpriteKit.framework – Graphics framework for developing 2D games, supports position, size, rotation, gravity and mass, Built in support for Actions and Physics

Mapkit.framework – Interface for embedding maps into applications view and windows. Supports Map annotation, Reverse Geo coding lookups to determine placemark information for a given set of co-ordinates

GameController.framework – Provides standard way for accessory developers to build controllers with analog d-pads, buttons, triggers, thumb sticks etc.

MediaAccessibility.framework – Support for getting and setting global user preferences that control behavior and appearance of captions, subtitles when playing movies

MediaLibrary.framework – Accessing media provided by iLife apps, Apperture, Final Cut Pro and Users movie folder.

iTunesLibrary.framework – For accessing media provided by itunes from within sandboxed apps

Deprecated Frameworks

Instant Message Framework – Use Social framework instead

QuickTime Framework – Use AVKit & AVFoundation framework instead

QTKit.Framework Use AVKit & AVFoundation framework instead

Removed Framework

Message.Framework – Use Apple Events instead

Server Notifications Framework- Use Push Notifications instead

Framework Improvements

AppKit Framework Changes

    • Multimonitor support
    • Responsive Scrolling
    • Stack Views
      • Created horizontal or vertical stack of views
      • Dynamically add & removes its constraints when views are added or removed to its stack
    • Media Library browser Controller
      • Browsing of and Drag and Drop from the media library provided by the MediaLibrary.framework
    • CoreImage Framework changes . now takes advantage of OpenCL on the GPU to perform image processing operations

Foundation Framework Changes

    • NSCalendar provides more sophisticated date and time computation
    • NSURL lets us examine URL Components and allows working with portions of the URL such as Path Components, Host, Port , Query Strings etc
    • NSProcessInfo – power management support , temporarily suspending sudden termination, automatic termination, display sleep etc
    • NSData Base 64 Support- Supports converting to and from Base 64

XCode Tool Enhancements

Xcode 5.0 comes with

  • User Experience Improvements
  • Automatic Configuration
  • New Test Navigator
  • Support Continous integration
  • Powerful debugger showing
    • Real Time Memory
    • CPU Activity
    • Energy use etc

More details on Mavericks OSX Can be found at Apple Developer Site (Click Here)

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