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React+Datamaps => Choropleth region map

This post will walk through on how to create a Datamap React component using the Datamap npm module and then use that component to have a region based world map choropleth. Here we go: Create a JSX component which encapsulates

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User tracking Heatmap using heatmap.js

We will be using heatmap.js api to render the heatmap canvas on top of the webpage. However we will create the logic for generating the data to be used with heatmap.js. Lets jump right into it: First we need to

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Flexbox for responsive layout

Flexbox Layout provides a more efficient way to lay out, align and distribute space among items in a container, even when their size is unknown and/or dynamic Here is a sample code, its very simple spec where no need to

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Server sent events API

  Server sent events API API is used for opening an HTTP connection to receive push notifications from a server. These events are received as DOM events. The server-sent event API is contained in the EventSource interface; to open a connection to the server to

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React and ES6 (with babel and webpack)

This post is a guide to setup a boiler plate project which will be capable of using React Js through ES6 and experimental ES7 syntax (which by the way makes ES5 look like watergun  vs AK47). React 0.14 supports the

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Writing a custom valve for Jboss EAP 6

Jboss provides a way to intercept all web requests before they are dispatched to appropriate contexts. Valve is a component that will be inserted into the request processing pipeline. You can configure a valve ( Jboss provides a number of

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Setting up your local dev environment with Gulp and Webpack

          In a typical frontend Development environment, it is typical for developers to have a boiler plate configuration to have a ready to start coding project setup, which would include the following features already built in for

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