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  Nishant Singh

Nishant loves spending time with his family 👨‍👩‍👧 . When not working on technology, Nishant absolutely loves quizzing and creating quizzes.

📚 Comic book aficionado. Big fan of Scot Adams and Roald Dahl

📺 Loves watching reruns of BBC Sherlock, Big Bang Theory and Silicon Valley

🎾 Respects Roger Federer but loves Raphael Nadal, the two 🐐s.

Nishant also likes to sketch ✍️ and sometimes blog 👨‍💻

Loves Emojis 😀 and Memes that make sense 🙂

LinkedIn:Nishant Singh

  Debasis Das

Debasis is a technology enthusiast, continuously falling in love with the nuances of technology.

Debasis believes there is too much to learn, too much to experiment and too less time.

Is fascinated with the way the technology world works. He is either working, reading new technology articles or spending time with Colors and Canvasses

Debasis deeply reveres Steve Wozniak for the contribution that he made to the world of computers, Steve Jobs for being the true showman the world has ever seen, Bill Gates for his humanitarian contribution & Elon Musk for being the flag bearer of the future.

Loves the unparallel work done by Bret Victor(worry dreams) and Mike Bostock (d3js)

LinkedIn: Debasis Das

  Nishant Nishanko

Nishant likes to learn things, be it technology or design or anything thats just too cool. Much enthused by the amazing pace of front end technology evolution. Serious about architecting technology solutions.

Apart from technology, Nishant likes to sketch, read books (not on e-readers;hate that stuff).

Loves to play tennis, reveres Roger Federer and Pete Sampras.

Big time movie buff, foodie (goes without saying..)

Favourite movies: The big lebowski, Catch me if you can, You’ve Got mail, The Big Bang Theory

8 comments on “About Us
  1. Sabitha says:

    Brilliant one!! Keep up your good work….


  2. RS says:


    may I ask you two questions?

    1. I think your website and the provided information are helpful. But I can’t find any information about the legal context of your work. Can I use your information/source code privately and commercially? Please give me a feedback on that. I think the best solution would be a website link “terms of use”, so that every visitor can read your terms, and of course a note within the source code!

    2. What does “learnt” stand for? I think this is correct english: “I came, I saw, I learned”

    best regards


    • Debasis Das says:

      Thanks for your feedback. The correction is done

      • Rakesh Pandey says:

        Those who are coming from India or some country where British english is taught, use ‘learnt’ instead of ‘learned’. ‘learnt’ is as correct as ‘colour’ is.

  3. ME says:

    Please tell me or describe here, whether I can use your source code for my commercial and/or private projects? Many thanks in advance!

  4. Developer says:

    Good work.
    Keep it up.
    Add tutorian on core data with multithreaded env.

  5. varghese babu says:


    Could you able to help us to solve to achieve our necessary.

    From a csv file need to show data of each row on an html divisions and its child divisions as per the id mentioned on the divisions.

    No need to generate a table.

    on page load function.

    For example

    1) CSV file

    Serial No. Name Standard Division School
    1, John, 1, A, St. Alban
    2, Mathew, 2, B, Christchurch


    Serial No. shown here
    Name goes here
    Standard goes here
    Division goes here
    School goes here

    Also not sure we are in the right place to ask help.

    Or let us know if you know someone.

    We are happy to pay a small amount for a lunch.

    Looking straight forward.




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